Performance & Art Space

We have a variety of facilities, services and supplies available for performers and makers. Some of these are listed below:


Devising space

Devising Space

We also have a bright, warm and airy devising space with mirrored walls, sprung harlequin dance floor and sofas/breakout area which is available for use on flexible terms.

Conditioning & Gym Equipment

Conditioning equipment including yoga mats, TRX setup, free weights & dumbells, medicine balls and swiss balls for conditioning and stretching are all contained within the studio.

Aerial Facilities

Our permanently installed aerial trapeze rig has 6 high points suitable for rope, silks, static trapeze, aerial hoop and everything else you can suspend yourself from – as well as 3 low training points for conditioning and practice. Judo mat flooring and professional crash mats are available as standard for acro-balance practice and tumbling.

Materials & Performance Construction

We stock all the common materials required for most scenic construction tasks and what we do not have we can order on next day delivery – we are happy to consult and help you plan your build and get your materials order together – we hold accounts with specialist suppliers and can get you professional kit to do the job just right rather than making do with tat from Wilko’s – give us a shout.

Artist Supplies

We also stock a range of artist supplies, with catalogues held for major suppliers so if you cannot find what you are looking for, please let us know and we can quickly source it for you. We want to break the tradition of artists and performers having to make do with pound shop materials – should they actually need proper kit to do the best job possible.

Juggling & Circus Equipment

Our on site Juggling and circus equipment shop stocks a range of juggling props, fire equipment and accessories, and we hold order accounts with all the major circus equipment suppliers, with catalogues available for your perusal – come and have a cuppa and browse.

Physiotherapy & Massage

We have at our core a supportive atmosphere and this is reflected by our provision for injured or plateaued performers – namely we have 2 treatment rooms staffed by accredited physiotherapists, massage therapists, chiropractors, sports physiologists and strength and conditioning coaches who are experienced in working with performers.  They are specifically here to help you recover and get strong for your passion by helping you develop a balanced and structured plan for your training/recovery.

Need somewhere to perform or prepare for a performance?