November 17, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Open Source Arts
£5 on the door
Treppenwitz // Undo : Redo @ Open Source Arts

A double bill of improvised music and dance.

£5 on the door.


This improvised solo dance work is a dive into the transforming detail of imagery, the composure and release, the weight of waiting. Between femininity and power there is a world that I inhabit, exploring the subtle space gathered between these forms.

This solo is devised and choreographed by Lauren Trim and has developed from physical research into notions of power set against the backdrop of femininity. It explores how the two elements can interweave both cohesively and non-cohesively. What does it mean to be empowered or to have power? Can softness relate to power and be used to empower?


Treppenwitz is the meeting of three musicians: pianist Matthew Aplin, bassist Tom Riviere and drummer Steve Hanley. The central philosophy is that the world of sound is interconnected, and different strains of music represent outgrowths from the same seed. Passages of spacious beauty sit alongside explosive bursts of freedom, held together by the connective tissue of improvisation. Compositions are written by the members, with something open-ended deliberately in mind; the shapes and contours of the music develop organically, different every time, always seeking.

This concert is the final date of their 2019 UK tour.