December 18, 2018 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Open Source Arts
Unit 1A Aire Place Mills
143 Kirkstall Rd

With a tremendously warm feeling of gratitude to all who have helped the Tuesday Circus Open Training sessions grow stronger and stronger, we invite YOU ALL, the Leeds Circus Community, to join us to help shape and design the Open Source Arts circus training and workshops programme for 2019.

2018 has been a FANTASTIC year, those of you who join us on a Tuesday know how far this weekly gathering has come! From a few dedicated people meeting weekly to train silks and acro now we regularly have 12-15+ people joining and bringing a whole host of skills – sharing, developing, collaborating, learning together.

The purpose of this design session is to get everybody in a room, talk about what has worked, and what would really help take this opportunity to the next level for people – We want you to join us for a max creativity session to create a programme for 2019 which really serves you the whole circus community.

This might mean improving the range of kit, what structures could make the Tuesday night sessions function better for both beginners and experienced circus people, and also of course – how would it look if we were to expand the sessions to happen on multiple days of the week rather than just Tuesday evening.

With the 2019 year we want to harness the expertise of the circus community to create a stellar weekly programme, and gather the collective intelligence of you all so we can co-design a programme which really speaks to you, works for you and compliments all the other training offers in Leeds, rather than competing with them. To do this, we will be hosting a design session, and the invitation if heartfelt and simple –

Please join us for dinner on 18th Dec at 6pm, same time as the usual Circus Open Training slot.
**We will have the free food and drinks ready for when you arrive** (You can join the design session even if you have not participated in Circus Open Training.)

We will eat together, then move into a facilitated discussion about what could work best for the circus community in Leeds to complement the opportunities already on offer.

We will gather all the knowledge we find together and try to make sense of it the circus community in Leeds has tremendous knowledge and we have access to facilities which can help make some ambitions come true, so let’s put your intelligence and our resources together and begin crafting the programme which will really serve you all in 2019.

The invitation is clear and the intention is strong, we want to make this year one to be remembered and to serve you – so please leave a comment in the Facebook event, or email info@opensourcearts.co.uk so we know how much to make for dinner and how many will be joining us to help design the future of the programme at Open Source Arts – it’s going to be an exciting year for circus and performance here and this is a prime opportunity to be part of shaping it!

You do not have to do any prior preparation before the meeting, but please think about what you care about, what you need and what would make all the difference and bring join us with an open mind and readiness to share so we can bring everybody’s expertise into one space and really design something which will serve you.

With BIG love and respect for your dedication and commitment – PLEASE JOIN US on Tuesday 18th December at 6pm for free dinner followed directly by the design session. Finished by 8pm!

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