October 8, 2019 @ 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Circus Open Training

**COVID-19 Update:

As part of the developing situation, Open Source Arts and Yorkshire Circus are doing what we can to help those in our community affected by physical distancing and isolation.

With this in mind, we are re-vamping our facebook  Circus Open Training Group to be used as a platform for all our members to share useful and educational material about all things circus. Whether its a video of new skills you’ve been learning, your daily stretch routine, or a tutorial for some floor conditioning work, We want to see it!

We have some examples from one of our circus open training regulars, and qualified tumble instructor, Shannon. We cant wait to see what our community comes up with!

Many Thanks and happy circus-ing.**


We are a group of performers and circus enthusiasts who meet regularly to practice & share our skills in likeminded company.

We run weekly skill-shares on Tuesdays 6pm-9pm at Open Source Arts, Leeds, focusing on learning new skills together in supportive company.

We have some experience in aerial arts (hoop, silks, trapeze), acrobalance, acro yoga, flexibility, manipulation, hula, juggling, contact manipulation, and movement based practices.

We have an open inclusion policy for everybody who has previously practiced any of the above art-forms to a basic level, sufficient that they can train in their own right safely and share a space with others.

Come explore what is possible when we are in the inspirational setting of having plenty of equipment, lots of time, and loads of enthusiasm!

The event is using our Collaborative Finance Model!
Collaborating, also known as open sourcing, involves making the source code (of some instructions or design) accessible to anyone to use, modify and take inspiration from, according to what they wish to do! We believe money is a resource, and like other resources, the way it is used defines the impact it creates. We want to pay people properly for their time, and keep money flowing in our community.
£30p/hr space hire and venue manager x 3: £90
£10/hr admin, marketing, space prep, rigging, insurance : £70
Total: £160
To make this activity start to become sustainable for all who are involved, if 12 people come, that divides to £13 each, or £4.33/hr. If 20 people come, this divides to £8 each, or £2.66/hr.
Now you know how much it costs for this activity, it is entirely up to you how much you wish to contribute!

Keep in touch via the Facebook group:

***Please note: These sessions are not lessons – for those who would like to attend some introductory workshops or classes, please keep an eye on the OSA events page. If you don’t see what you need, put in a request! We are happy to oblige***.