November 1, 2018 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Open Source Arts
Aire Place Mills
Leeds LS3 1JL
Clown Space - Finding the Pleasure @ Open Source Arts | England | United Kingdom

We are pleased as punch that Clown Space are coming to Open Source Arts!

Clown Space is a place for those newly interested in clowning, who have already invested passions in clowning and for those actively pursuing a career within the arts.

This workshop will allow you to explore your creativity and to not be held back by judgement of others or from yourself, this will be a safe space for you to fail and to fail better. This will be your Clown Space.

”Contemporary Clowning is a way to address your playful self. It is a chance to truly connect to your surroundings and follow your impulse to move, to play, and to find the game within the moment.”

If you are interested in Acting or Physical Theatre, after training within clowning you will suddenly become a performer that makes bolder, more interesting choices and you will be free from the inner critic that halts most of our creativity.

Become a better clown, and you will become a better asset in the rehearsal room as you wont deny an impulse as you’ll be dying to act upon it.


About this workshop

The clown has to have pleasure, the pleasure in sadness, in joy, above all else the pleasure of being on stage.

Clowning is a blend of technique and vulnerability. To be an open and impulsive person, but one that is structured with technique and not crazy like wildfire.

We have to find the playful chaos first, then we can think about structuring that chaos.

So I invite you to come play, come lose yourself in stupidity!

In the workshop we will look at what it means to have pleasure, we will become great pleasure detectors and open ourselves up to Mr Flop.

Pricing: £8 adv before 25/10/18 / £10 full or OTD

*** Places are limited – advance booking advised.