September 2, 2020 @ 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm
Community Call

Dear Friends, Supporters, Wisdom Holders and Onlookers, we’re holding a conversation to listen to everyone’s thoughts, feelings and opinions during this transitory period of lockdown.

The mission of Open Source Arts has always been to bring people together, provide opportunities to grow our practice and connect as humans, and get creative about making change happen. In light of us taking the first steps out of lockdown, political upheaval and very necessary outrage at inequality over the world, it is absolutely clear to us that we need to come together now to make a foundation for a positive future.

It is with this in heart, that we warmly invite you to our new cycle of community connection calls, which will take place fortnightly, before each of our online campfire gatherings.  The agenda for these calls will be open to interpretation, but structured around a question to focus our enquiry – “What realisation is growing in you, with regards to your personal practice and your life, during this time?”

It feels like so much has changed already in 2020, and we firmly believe that during times of chaos, the fundamental thing we must continue to do is stay in connection with each other, and keep building the interpersonal relationships that form the foundation of community. To keep asking each other how we’re feeling, and to keep listening and learning from the knowledge and wisdom in the people around us.

We are committing to host these calls until the end of September, for the purposes of allowing the conversation to develop and many voices filter in and out and add their independent wisdom, please join us!  Your presence is as valuable for your witnessing the conversation as it is for your contribution, and you certainly hold a viewpoint and wisdom on the current reality which is rich and important, and we want you in the room for this discussion.  

This practice of connecting, communicating about what is real and developing for us in our own world will begin to weave the collective understanding of what is real in the wider field of our whole community, and the more of you who can join the calls, the richer and more balanced a picture you will help us to paint.  You may turn up to join these calls and simply listen, and that is hugely valuable with your knowledge that the process is happening – and then you feel like you have something to say, the time will be right for you to join the discussion in the way you feel most comfortable with.  

Please join us to connect and chat and paint the picture of the reality which we are living in, and together we will grow our understanding of what is real right now, and how we can begin to work with the emerging future to support our community of artists, makers, facilitators and activists to create the future they want to see emerging.  

With a warm heart and open arms to all who want to join, these calls will be fortnightly, please invite you friends, your dog, your mum – all are welcome, you really will make a valuable contribution by showing up.

Join the Zoom chat here: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89768129292?pwd=K29JSHFiL0hOWDJsbWo2RDBERVl3Zz09
In case you need it – Meeting ID: 897 6812 9292, Password: 461182

Here is the list of dates:
24th June @ 5:30pm
8th July @ 5:30pm
22nd July @ 5:30pm
5th August @ 5:30pm
19th August @ 5:30pm
2nd September @ 5:30pm
16th September @ 5:30pm
30th September @ 5:30pm

With love, awe and gratitude;