December 12, 2019 @ 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm
Fire Jam

We’re back! Our last fire jams brought many circus performers together to enjoy a night of fire twirling under the beautiful night sky, Open Source Arts is proud to bring another opportunity for fire twirlers of all abilities to get out, show their skills and network with other performers in the Leeds area. This time though we are not just looking at spinning fire, anyone with any light or glow circus equipment is more than welcome to come join the fun!

This is not a led session, but a shared space. Bring your own fire equipment, supply your own fuel, and clean up after yourselves please.

The event is using our Collaborative Finance Model!

Collaborating, also known as open sourcing, involves making the source code (of some instructions or design) accessible to anyone to use, modify and take inspiration from, according to what they wish to do! We believe money is a resource, and like other resources, the way it is used defines the impact it creates. We want to pay people properly for their time, and keep money flowing in our community.

£30p/hr space hire and venue manager x 2: £60
£10/hr admin, marketing, space prep, insurance : £60

Total: £120

To make this activity start to become sustainable for all who are involved, if 12 people come, that divides to £10 each, or £5/hr. If 20 people come, this divides to £6 each, or £3/hr.

Now you know how much it costs for this activity, it is entirely up to you how much you wish to contribute!

Playing with fire is dangerous. By coming to this space, we expect you to be respectful, safe and careful, to yourself, others and the environment. You will be responsible for your own activity here, and you take part and watch at your own risk.