March 4, 2020 @ 7:30 pm – 8:30 pm
To be rearranged: Hoop Fitness with Poppy

*Open Source Arts took the decision to close our building on Kirkstall Road on 12th March, in order to reduce social contact, and limit the spread of Coronavirus. The team are currently working from home, and we are keeping a close eye on the situation as it progresses.

We believe it is vitally important to continue to move, connect, chat, and take time to pause and breathe, and are exploring how we could continue as many as possible of our activities online. We will look to rearrange this one. 

We won’t be taking new bookings/hires that fall during this period. If possible – explore how existing bookings can be re-jigged to be held online. If not, then refunds will be offered to tickets already bought.*

Improve your fitness, strength, balance and coordination. Rest your mind from daily stress and exercise your body in this fun and nonjudgmental hoop dance class! Hula Hooping for health and happiness!

This one-hour hoop fitness class could lose you 450 calories! A cardiovascular fitness program that will get oxygen flowing round your body as you flow around your hoop. This meditative dance state can reduce stress and build confidence! Not only will you be exercising your body but also your mind, developing strength, balance and coordination! 

Poppy has experience teaching all ages, from 2-82 she welcomes all to her classes! The class is a continuation from the January programme but more the welcomes beginners! We will accommodate to every Hooper that shows up, from the total newbie to the experienced performer, there is something for everyone. Dance away the dust from your hula hoop! Come out and play before the sun joins us for summer! 

The class benefits participants, cardio fitness, balance, coordination and strength. But most importantly, it has a profound impact on their happiness and well-being.  A fun alternative to going to the gym! An aerobic workout like no other! 

Individual tickets to the session at £6 available or a £24 block ticket for all 4 sessions. All ticket links and details below!

WEEK 1 (Wednesday 4th March): Balance and Coordination. 

Warmup:  This warmup will be focused on balance and coordination, using inspiration from yoga and meditation practice.  

Hoop Routine: This week’s hoop routine will be focused on isolations, balances, body rolls and hand tricks. 

Cool Down:  This cool down up will be focused on balance and coordination, using inspiration from yoga and meditation practice.  

WEEK 2: (Wednesday 11th March) Hoop and Flexibility.

Warm up: This warm will focus on stretches that we can continue doing in our own time, to improve our flexibility this will help with learning flexible hoop tricks like foot hooping and back bends. This longer warm up will slowly incorporate the hula hoops, using inspiration from both yoga and hoop flow practice. 

Hoop Routine:

Foot hooping: On a gym ball, lying down, stood up in front, stood up to the side. 

Starting from your hand and foot. 

Foot flowers. 

Foot breaks.

Back Bends with a gym ball with hula hoop on hand/arm. 


Cool Down: At the end of the session we will stretch and de-tense or leg and back muscles in this relaxing and meditative cool down.

WEEK 3 (Wednesday 18th March): Multi Hoop.

Warm up: Multi Hooping is as much about exercising your mind as well as body. This workout routine will activate your mind whilst warming your body, through asking one part of your body to do an opposite task to the other (think patting you head and rubbing your stomach to the next level). 

Hoop Routine: Thought Multi Hoop was beyond you, what if it was simply just putting moves you already knew together? 

 Isolations with Waist or Leg Hooping. 

Double Flowers. 

Figure of 8. 

Double Arms. 

Hula Hoop Split?

Cool Down: The cool down will ensure you will relax and stretch all of the muscles you have used in the session, from your waist, legs, arms, hands and mind. This will be facilitated through a guided mediation resting your mind as well body. 

WEEK 4 (Wednesday 25th March): Finding your flow. 

Warmup: This week’s warmup will

This week’s Hoop Routine will focus on you! As an individual hoop artist what moves have you enjoyed? What moves are your favourite? What moves flow from one to the next? This week is about finding your own rhythm with your hoop. With help from our guest dancer teacher Sophie, we will help you find your dance flow. Sophie will teach basic dance movements, body sequences and moves that will closely link one hoop move to the next. Enabling you to find your hoop flow by the end of the session! 

Cool Down: A stretch and calm hoop jam together, we share what we have learnt in the sessions.

REMEMBER... Wear leggings and a t-shirt (general sportswear) and bring a bottle of water.

About Poppy: Poppy has toured internationally performing circus shows and delivering workshops in a variety of places from; prisons, schools, charity organisations, community centres, theatres, festivals and events.  After studying, BA Drama with a specialist in community theatre and workshop facilitation, Poppy toured India with the NGO Performers Without Borders. This is when her hobby of circus performance merged into a passionate career platform. It is here, that she fell in love with hula hoops.  It is fair to say that since then Poppy has rarely put her hula hoops down. She settled in Leeds and set up her own entertainment company Poppins Presents. Poppins Presents playful shows and workshops for all people, age 2-82 because every individual has the right to play. 

Poppy is passionate about not only the joy hula hoops can bring but the impact they can have on both our physical and mental health. “Hula hooping has improved my strength, balance, coordination!  As a child I was clumsy and creative, with little interest in PE; never did I think I would be teaching a fitness programme. Hula hooping is my passion, it keeps me fit, strong and flexible, but most importantly happy! I, therefore, vouch that if you’ve struggled to find a form of exercise that you enjoy or are motivated to do, then hula hooping may be for YOU!”

4-WEEK BLOCK TICKET: www.opensourcearts.co.uk/product/hoop-fitness-with-poppy-4-week-block-ticket