April 4, 2019 @ 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Open Source Arts
Intro to Fermentation @ Open Source Arts

Intro to Fermentation – 28th March, 4th April, 11th April

Join us for a three week crash course in all kinds of adventurous fermentation tactics, which will allow you to preserve food the old fashioned way whilst massively increasing the nutrient profile and making the food easier to digest.

We will spend three sessions looking at the fundamentals of using bacteria for our benefit.

1- We will be our opportunity to learn how to make fermented drinks using water kefir, milk kefir and Kombucha.  All these are loaded with healthy bacteria which really benefit the gut and improve your immunity – so it’s great to learn how to make them yourself so you can drink some every day. The other great thing is that once you get your culture going, they are practically free to maintain, and you get a mega concentrated source of gut healthy good bacteria for almost no money. Winner winner!

2- We will be diving deep into fermented vegetables and learning how to make sauerkraut and kimchi. These traditional methods of preparing vegetables have a bad rep for tasting like stinky feet but done right with the correct vegetables and additional flavours including chilli and spices, it makes a delicious preserve which is also once again packed with minerals and b vitamins, and super healthy for your gut health and immunity. We will make our sauerkraut this week and you can age it at home; it will be ready to eat within 2 weeks.

3- We will be learning how to make the delicacy that is hot sauce- make your very own sour mash chilli sauce! Everyone’s favorite, or maybe a perfect homemade present for another person! If you’ve tasted Tabasco sauce, you’ve tasted fermented chilli sauce… Tabasco is made from crushing chilli peppers, mixing with salt and fermenting in oak barrels.

Some equipment will be available for you to purchase on the day, such as jars and muslin cloths etc.