May 26, 2019 @ 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Open Source Arts
Intro to Trapeze @ Open Source Arts

Intro to Trapeze is designed for beginners to take their first step into the wonderful world of trapeze!

You will practice basic aerial trapeze skills, and also practice exercises focusing on core strength, flexibility and working safely together.

The workshop starts with getting to know Joe and other participants to build a sense of trust, followed by a warm-up, stretching and conditioning exercises both as individuals and in pairs or small groups.

You will be introduced to the trapeze with some beginner moves, and shown how each move is achieved before getting the chance to get on the trapeze and giving it a go yourself.

You will also learn the important skills of how to correctly spot and assist others, equipping you with the skills to practice these moves after the workshop safely. You will be given the opportunity to practice all the skills learned and begin to develop your aerial trapeze skill set. You are invited upon completing this workshop to join the weekly Circus Open Training group, to practice your new found skills!

Joe is a child of the circus. Training, performing, teaching and sharing for over 10 years with experience in a number of circus areas such as: aerial trapeze, aerial hoop, Spanish web, conditioning, fire twirling, stage performance and professional routines. Having recently moved to Leeds, Joe is looking to help grow a close circus based community in the city and surrounding areas.

Image copyright: @MartinWalkerPhotography