March 17, 2019 @ 12:00 pm – 4:30 pm
Open Source Arts
Aire Place Mills, Kirkstall Rd
Leeds LS3 1JL
Kaleidos//Cope Colour Therapy Workshop @ Open Source Arts
You are invited to join Rachel on an exploration into colour; how colour reflects individual perspectives and expresses them through the colour spectrum.
Kaleidoscope is Rachel’s new therapeutic workshop drawing threads from deep cultural understanding of colour, history, ethnicity and how this could be translated into a modern understanding of colour and its place in your world.
This is a dive into your own consideration of how colour exists in your life, and how you could work with it to create better wellbeing, in practical ways, on a day to day basis – perhaps even exploring how colour depicts our very imagination.
This is a short course in colour theory and will empower participants with a deeper understanding of colour and it’s place in our lives, and how we can understand our personal perceived colour palette, how this relates to different emotions and how we can work with our newly identified palettes to improve our wellbeing.
Uses for this practical understanding of the emotional context of colour can include helping us to be more aware of fluctuations in our mood, and identifying trends of patterns in our mood state, which we can then more clearly describe and communicate about – hopefully moving us towards a place of greater understanding.
This is a four hour course which will be divided into two parts. Participants will engage in some beautiful practices using acrylic paints and inks, to explore their own colour palettes in the first half of the session. After a tea break we will each create two expressionist paintings using collage techniques which participants will then take with them.
No specialist knowledge is required and all skills will be taught during this course by Rachel – the goal is a deeper dive into exploring colour in our lives rather than becoming the next Joan Mitchell (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joan_Mitchell)
£20 early bird before 17/2/19 / £25 standard ticket thereafter.