December 16, 2019 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Open Source Arts
Izzy Brittain
Lunchtime Yoga with Izzy @ Open Source Arts

Come and start your week as you mean to go on with an open level yoga class at a price that works for you. Expect a focus on the fundamentals of flow. Join us to find fluidity, create space and cultivate curiosity. Gently energise the body, empower the mind – come breathe, smile, stretch and strengthen in a warm, welcoming and inclusive atmosphere. No experience necessary!

This class is led by Izzy is a playful and curious yoga teacher, dance artist and performance poet. Through approaching yoga and movement as practices for health and well-being, her creatively designed classes focus on alignment, fundamentals and flow to encourage greater freedom and awareness. Sessions are based on traditional Hatha & Vinyasa Flow and build gently, developing strength and resilience in body and mind and bringing peace and presence to busy lives.

This class is drop-in (no need to book). £-Collaborative Financing (have a gander below)

Collaborating, also known as open sourcing, involves making the source code (of some instructions or design) accessible to anyone to use, modify and take inspiration from, according to what they wish to do! We believe money is a resource, and like other resources, the way it is used defines the impact it creates. We want to pay people properly for their time, and keep money flowing in our community.

The Participatory Pricing Collaborating Financing Model is a slightly different way to the usual in financing a workshop. Through this way of paying for an activity, it is clear how much the activity costs to run, and how much is needed to make it continue running.

We want you, the community to be empowered and able to come along and join in. To feel safe and satisfied in the knowledge that you are helping and supporting each other to be there, and are enabling these sessions to continue running and helping the community be more balanced and more sustainable.

This is what a breakdown for this yoga session at Open Source Arts looks like:
Cost to keep the building open: £30/hr
Cost to spread the word about the session: £10
Workshop Leader reimbursed: £30
Max number of people attending: 12

Now you know how much it costs for a session to run, it is entirely up to you how much you wish to contribute. We know that some days you have more than others. It may be that you don’t have much this time, but then next month are able to provide enough to cover someone else’s contribution.