January 29, 2020 @ 8:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Open Source Arts
£5 on the door
Motion: Silvan Schmid/Paul Amereller/Tom Wheatley // Pretentious and Inaccessible @ Open Source Arts

£5 otd

Motion is a series of concerts which aims to provide a space for improvised performance across multiple disciplines, including (but not limited to): music, dance, physical theatre and performance art.

Come to see performers take dives into the depths of the unknown; voyage into creative waters unchartered; journey into the outer regions of imagination, to find new sounds, spaces, movements and forms.


Silvan Schmid, Paul Amereller and Tom Wheatley will be performing a new, on-going composition; a vessel to contain their solo-happenings and instigate a trio-friction between them.

Silvan Schmid is a trumpet player based in Zurich, Switzerland. He plays live and did recordings with projects such as Solo, Amberg/Schmid, Eddé Khouri/Glanzmann/Schmid, Alex Riva, Bertrand Denzler, Hum, Schmid/Svosve/Scott/Prévost,
He is a member of the Gamut Kollektiv which has as its purpose to explore, to seek and to set new things in motion; it serves as a fruitful breeding ground for ideas, experiments and new processes. In addition to the annual Gamut Festival they organize different concert series in Zurich.

Paul Amereller (born 1991) is a Swiss musician living in Zurich. He is exploring substances for improvisation and rhythm sound. At the age of four began playing the drums. Later, Paul was taught jazz by his mentors K.T Geier and Peter Frei.
He is working as a co-leader with District Five, Kush K and is a member of the Gamut Collective, which organises concerts and who perform as a musical ensemble.
He has collaborated with Colin Valon, Ganesh Geymeier, Patrice Moret, Flo Götte, Evelin Trouble, Marc Méan and Catia Lanfranchi.

Tom Wheatley is an artist and musician based in London. His current projects include: A duo of clothes, stands, recordings and dog hair with Ilana Blumberg; a long-standing duo with Billy Steiger, releasing its first public material soon; a new recording project with Iain Hetherington; various lineups & outputs with Daniel Blumberg, often including Billy Steiger, Ute Kanngiesser, Elvin Brandhi and Jim White; a duo with Grundik Kasyansky, currently finishing its first release, and the trio Denis D’or, with Yoni Silver also.

He also has an ongoing solo practice, documented on the album Double Bass and the Machine Bass recording series.


Pretentious and Inaccessible is Martin Burger, Sam Donaldson and Lottie Hanson, an improv trio exploring themes ranging from mindfulness to ecological catastrophe through a combo of dance, poetry and sax.