June 14, 2019 @ 10:00 am – 11:30 am
Open Source Arts
£4 otd
Pro Class: Dance Open Training w/ Thomas Mckeon @ Open Source Arts

This session will be based on floor work. With a focus on animal patterns travelling across the space, there will be an inquiry into the varied possibilities of movement available to us with four limbs. This will broaden out and lead into sequences that look into weight distribution and momentum to get us to whizz and slide across the floor. There will be some conditioning work to support the practice and a gentle cool down at the end to ease the body.

::: about Thom :::

Thom is a freelance dancer based in Leeds. He is currently artist in residence at OSA alongside working with That Ribeiro Company and touring with Vanessa Grasse. Stemming from travelling the Outer Hebrides, his practice focuses on studying the body as a landscape and the possibilities this has for movement.

Ticketing: £4 on the day (cash/card)

This session is part of a few months of research into what formats work for dancers in Leeds. See the full programme of pro classes for dances and movers, plus complementary activities on our website www.opensourcearts.co.uk/dance

We listened to your feedback and are embarking on a process of experimenting to find what might really work to complement the professional dance training offer already available in Leeds. We have hosted a variety of sessions in different formats, and are continually evolving the process.


“Dance Open Training has been an essential space for experimentation, gaining experience in teaching, finding support in the local dance community and learning from each other.”

“Dance Dance Dance – such a calming space, a joy to dance with friends and new friends. Looking forward to the new year.”

“Fantastic that you bring the community together and offer space for us to speak our minds! Brilliant initiative & better people. I ♥ OSA.”

“Dance Open Training has created a stronger sense of community between dance artists in Leeds. I’ve felt supported in my own practice and thoroughly enjoyed experiencing other artists sessions – learning and developing in a natural and easy way in a relaxed space has been really wonderful! ”

“I’m new to the organisation but I enjoyed the close knit, friendly atmosphere/ community. Opportunity to experience dance again after several months/ learn different to my stereotypical style. ”

“Lovely, open studio space. Nice break from clinical institutional study spaces. Good vibes! Community vibes. “