April 7, 2019 @ 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm
Open Source Arts
1A Aire Place Mills
Kirkstall Rd Leeds LS3 1JL
£4 (cash OTD)
Pro Class: Dance Open Training with Eva Leemans @ Open Source Arts

Eva Leemans is from Belgium, and currently based in Berlin.
She recently graduated from the Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds, where she worked with choreographers like Anna Wiliams, Gavin Coward, and Francesco Scavetta. She is co-founder and current member of Excessive Human Collective. She is a certified yoga teacher and has experience in tai – chi, karate and movement training.
Her main interest is in the notion of versatility and how we can learn/unlock unfamiliar ways of moving.


How can we access different movement qualities and coordinations? How can we be an adaptable, responsive body, open to absorb new information?
Through challenging movement tasks we will create the opportunity to explore our own patterns, blocks, habits in the body as well as the mind. This way we can continue and deepen the process of softening, opening and allowing.

The class will focus on:

  • Softness
  • Strength
  • Coordination
  • Movement quality
  • Decision making
  • Awareness
  • Commitment

The class consists of very physical exercises and is suitable for all movers with a basic fitness level. Eva creates an environment that encourages us to access different movement qualities and possibilities, so we can build a rich map of our bodies. This is part of an ongoing research into versatility and Eva invites you to join her on this journey.

This session is part of a few months of research into what formats work for dancers in Leeds. See the full programme of pro classes for dances and movers, plus complementary activities on our website www.opensourcearts.co.uk/dance