February 8, 2019 @ 10:00 am – 11:30 am
Open Source Arts

Following on from our Dance Design Dinner in December, we have listened to your feedback and are embarking on a process of experimenting to find what might really work to complement the professional dance training offer already available in Leeds. This experiment will take various forms and last until easter & starts with a sequence of 3 classes Led by Inari Hulkkonen.

Inari is a dancer and performer originally from Finland and currently based in Leeds. Her training includes a degree in contemporary dance from NSCD and the completion of SMASH – a 3-month intensive training in experimental physical performance in Berlin.

She has worked as a performer and collaborator with dance artists Vanessa Grasse, Kuan-Yu Chen and Lewys Holt. Her creative practice is concerned with connections and thresholds between imagination and embodiment, dreams and reality, and words and movement.


These sessions will be drawing from my ongoing creative research that I call ‘a solo with a witness’. Each class will consist of a set of improvisational tasks, exercises and journeys focusing on the moving, sensing and observing body. The classes will include both individual and partner explorations moving into performance practice, allowing to experience the roles of both performer and spectator within the session.

The thread moving through these three sessions will be the notions of witnessing and observing. What kind of support, threat, possibility or limitation does another person’s gaze offer to the moving and/or performing body? What does it mean to witness? What does it mean to observe? What are the similarities or differences between witnessing and observing – are they different actions? In which kind of different ways can we look or to be looked at?

This class is open to professional dancers, performers of any other discipline, and artists working with or interested in the moving body. We will be working with movement and drawing from choreographic practices, but the sessions are accessible also for those without formal dance training. The focus will be on creative enquiry and on finding enjoyment in moving rather than on any predetermined aesthetic or movement style. I would like to invite each participant to work on their own terms within this creative framework that I am proposing and participate in the session in ways that are useful for their own interests and curiosities.

You can join for the whole duration or drop in. It is encouraged to join all three classes, as there will be a continuous thread and it will allow us to go deeper in the research – but everyone wanting to drop in for a one-off will be warmly welcomed as well. There is no need to book, just turn up.

If you have any questions or you want to have a chat about the class before joining, you can contact Inari on inari_hulkkonen@hotmail.com

Ticketing: you pay £4 on the day or you can pay for a block of 3 classes for a reduced rate of £10 – ticket link coming shortly or you can just pay by cash or card at OSA.


Dance Open Training has been an essential space for experimentation, gaining experience in teaching, finding support in the local dance community and learning from each other.

Dance Dance Dance – such a calming space, a joy to dance with friends and new friends. Looking forward to the new year.

Fantastic that you bring the community together and offer space for us to speak our minds! Brilliant initiative & better people. I ♥ OSA.

Dance Open Training has created a stronger sense of community between dance artists in Leeds. I’ve felt supported in my own practice and thoroughly enjoyed experiencing other artists sessions – learning and developing in a natural and easy way in a relaxed space has been really wonderful!

I’m new to the organisation but I enjoyed the close knit, friendly atmosphere/ community. Opportunity to experience dance again after several months/ learn different to my stereotypical style.

Lovely, open studio space. Nice break from clinical institutional study spaces. Good vibes! Community vibes.

Photo Credit: Jack Thomson – IMAGE MAKER (https://www.facebook.com/jackthomsonimagemaker/)

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