On the 8th of May 2020 we hosted the first online event for our quarterly community powered microgranting event Art SOUP. This alternative funding event raised £155 for an inspiring virtual project from local creatives!

In the uncertainty during the Covid-19 lockdown, many artists, events and organisations have had to adapt to the new reality that physical distancing and self-isolation has brought. This has adversely affected many creatives income significantly. So, we adapted the Art SOUP format to support wonderful and inspiring projects online.

This second Art SOUP event from Open Source Arts was in collaboration with the fantastic Hyde Park waste food charity; Rainbow Junktion!


The Art SOUP concept

Art SOUP is an alternative funding model where local artists deliver a pitch for a project or concept they’re developing to an audience who have paid a donation.

The audience then choose one of the pitches to receive a pot of funding that they have created from the donation pot.

This novel Art SOUP model gives YOU, the community, the opportunity to fund the artists and initiatives that speak to YOUR interests.

Open Source Arts hosted the first Art SOUP in January 2020.

This time around, we decided to hold a technical and pitching rehearsal ahead of the event so that pitchers could get some help and feedback before the event. During this conversation, it became clear that there were many ways that pitchers were able to support one another outside of the prize money, from which a new In-Kind online support group has emerged for Arts SOUP pitchers past and future. We can’t wait to see how this new artistic solidarity network develops!


Three inspiring pitches

Three grassroots arts organisations pitched their inspiring concepts for projects that they would develop and deliver during the lockdown period.

We were joined by Lisa from The Red Room, a live streamed cabaret night with a huge emphasis on accessibility.

Second to pitch was Poppy from Poppins Presents who has been developing online guided meditations for children.

Poppy was followed by Nicky and Sarah from Musicultural Conversations, an interactive musical outreach project for asylum-seekers and refugees.


Fire and soup

Rainbow Junktion created a fantastic recipe card to make soup out of any leftovers you have on hand. They also gave us all a recipe for a carrot and leek soup; delicious.

To top it all off, the fantastic Yorkshire Circus gave us a jaw-dropping online fire performance!


Community support and generosity

With the incredible generosity of everyone who donated to the event we raised a whopping £155 for the winning pitch; a new record for Art SOUP events.

After a very close vote, the money was awarded to Musicultural Conversations, and we’re really excited to see their amazing and important project realised!

We were absolutely overwhelmed with the kindness and enthusiasm that was shown in and around the event, and really inspired by the amount of support people showed to all of the pitchers! If any of their projects sound like something you’d like to get involved with, find them on social media, or contact Jacob, our Events Programmer, to be put in touch with them.



The Art SOUP is powered by the wonderful people who attend it and the passionate individuals who pitch. So a huge thank you and great gratitude to everyone who attended or was involved in the event.

We’re incredibly excited for the event next quarter! Watch this space!


Art Soup Rainbow Junktion Soup Recipe