Open Source Arts Logo Marquee Hire Venue Hire Workshops Training Yoga Studio Space Events Conversation Facilitation
Open Source Arts Logo Marquee Hire Venue Hire Workshops Training Yoga Studio Space Events Conversation Facilitation

About Our Organisation

We work with people and organisations, using practical action projects and creative dialogue processes to bring people together, get things un-stuck and move towards the sustainable futures we all want to create.

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About our Space

Our resource centre on Kirkstall Road, Leeds, helps emergent artists and creative businesses get their show on the road and their feet established in the soil of the creative community of the great city of Leeds.

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Our Team: Mutual Strength

Open Source Arts is built on the strength of each individual in our team, and the stronger our team becomes, the more we flourish.

We have an incredible team of people: Expert facilitators & organisational coaches, systems thinkers, passionate climate advocates, strategic storytellers & youth advocates through to expert yoga instructors, fabricators and makers – our diversity keeps us strong!

Jess Open Source Arts Leeds


Authenticity in Every Step: Practicing what we Preach

Our processes for navigating emergence & complexity help organisations get work done amidst chaos.  We practice these methods daily as a team, so when we lead change processes for organisations, we speak authentically from the heart of personal practice.


Meaningful Events to Build Capacity & Enhance Resilience

We design events, meetings and strategic conversation processes to inspire.  We train teams and individuals to empower them with the skills necessary to connect across difference, build trust and navigate these uncertain times with grace – including taking processes online


An Appetite for Action: Fast Prototyping to Innovate Amidst Chaos

We have a passion for action as a means to exploring possible futures.  We teach organisations how to restructure their appetite for risk so they can experiment amidst chaos and find what works to generate opportunities for real change to happen, whilst others remain stuck by inaction.

Supporting Connected Futures in Kirklees

We have worked with Kirklees Council during Covid-19, designing a system which helped them support residents, including mutual aid groups, who were spontaneously organising in Kirklees neighbourhoods, rather than seeking to replace or control them.

By facilitating excellent, constructive online meetings we helped Kirklees listen deeply to residents and begin moving deliberately towards a shared future where residents are actively participating in decision making.  Listen to this podcast for the Local Area Co-ordination Network and see some fruits of the process here

Kirkstall Valley Grants for Climate Action

Kirkstall Valley grants funds grass-roots climate action which brings neighbours together to make climate positive changes in the places where they live – we offer £250, easy access grants to fund grassroots projects which bring neighbours together to improve local wildlife habitats, reduce neighbourhood carbon dioxide emissions and educate about climate positive choices we can all make.

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Open Source Arts

Unit 1a Aire Place Mills

143 Kirkstall Road


01132 648 975