Precious Plastics

Open Source Arts offer a complete education package for children to learn about the life cycle of plastics, the importance of recycling and enabling them to create usable items out of waste plastic.

Kirkstall Valley Grants

Open Source Arts and Kirkstall Valley Development Trust support projects via a micro grants scheme which promote sustainability by protecting and improving our natural environment and improve the lives and well-being of the people who live and work in the Kirkstall Valley. 

Kirkstall Flood Cleanup (Team Kirkstall)

Every fortnight since the boxing day floods in 2015 volunteers have been working hard to clean rubbish out of the rivers.

Yorkshire Circus

The home for circus in Yorkshire.Providing workshops, classes, skill shares, performances, support, advocacy and development in all things circus related!

River Stewardship

Open Source Arts uses a creative approach to create opportunities for people to get involved in making a positive impact on their wild places – developing Creative Stewardship Solutions to the management of our neglected green and blue habitats.

 Dance Open Training

Open Source Arts passionately supports our local independent dance scene, providing spaces for research and contemporary creation, as well as training and networking opportunities – to develop the potential for multidisciplinary collaboration.

Youth Climate Leadership Programme

A pioneering leadership training for young adults to grow their capacity to become inspiring leaders in climate action, to lead us into a more sustainable future.


Arts Soup

An alternative funding opportunity for artists and creative practitioners, via a democratic microgrant! Apply to pitch, and come along to eat soup and vote!