Youth Climate Leadership Programme

Open Source Arts have developed a pioneering leadership training for young adults (16-18 YO) who wish to grow their capacity to become inspiring leaders in climate action.

The programme will teach skills in leadership through emergence, relationship building, conversation practice, facilitation, deep listening and emotional empathy across difference.

Young adults will be coached towards realising their leadership in a peer supported programme, which will be a combination of experiential learning, some theory teaching, peer to peer mentoring, coaching from experts and leaders.

As well as developing leadership skills, this programme will also develop their skills in lobbying, critical thinking and public speaking so they can grow as the future generation of climate activists.

To redress the current lack of representation of voices from communities of culture in the climate action sector, recruitment will be prioritised heavily for young people who identify as minority ethnic.

Additionally, through the Carbon Literacy project, the young leaders will be trained as facilitators of the Manchester Metropolitan University – “Carbon Literacy” training programme.  They will become facilitators who can train their school colleagues as well as delivering Carbon Literacy training for organisations in Leeds.

Through partnerships and industry placements, the young leaders will receive opportunities in industry, helping guide the sustainability policies and procedures of large organisations in the city.

Through this the young leaders will gain an understanding that climate activism is a credible, action focused, researched informed, mainstream stance.  The Youth Climate Leaders will come to realise through experience, that they are trusted and have the skills, agency, knowledge and authenticity to lead us into a more sustainable future.

If you would like to support this learning experience with resources, sponsorship, offers of in-kind support (placements, work experience etc.) please contact Open Source Arts.