Open Source Arts offers a number of different opportunities to get involved. Current ideas are below, we would love to hear from you!

We are a team of individuals, and we respect the expertise and learning we each have in our own areas.  We believe the shape of Open Source Arts is directly defined by the actions, expertise and individual leadership of each person of our team, and the diverse people who use our space or join our projects.  This runs more deeply than simply “The whole is the greater than the sum of it’s parts”!  Rather, we understand that Open Source Arts exists as it does only because of each unique element. So if we change any of those parts the entire organisation in itself changes fundamentally, however subtle or profound a change may be.


Open Source Arts is offering a new offer of support to the local creative community!
An Arts SOUP is a democratic micro-grant scheme. Whereby you as the audience choose between 4 different artist’s pitches at a live event. The winner then goes home with a pot of cash collected through the ticket sales to help them realise their project.

Pitch your idea here.

Internships and Work Experience

Opportunities are occasionally available for internships and work experience at Open Source Arts.
If you are interested in an internship or some work experience with Open Source Arts, please send a CV and covering letter to

Please make sure you include details about which aspects of Open Source Arts you are most interested in getting involved with, which particular activity, event or project, and why!

We also have some volunteering opportunities available to get involved.

Paid Work

We don’t currently have any paid vacancies.
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Join Yorkshire Circus as a performer or workshop leader

Yorkshire Circus are on the hunt for performers and workshop leaders to join the community. We have a busy schedule of events and activities booked in across the country and are looking to expand the community. This is where YOU come in!

Apply to work with Yorkshire Circus!