Kirkstall Riverbank Cleanup (Team Kirkstall)

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Open Source Arts was impacted in 2015 by the devastating flooding which struck Kirkstall on Boxing Day, and our building flooded. Open Source Arts was central in the volunteer response through the opening and operation of the Volunteer Resource Centre on our premises on Kirkstall Road, to cleanup Kirkstall businesses post flooding.

In May 2016 Open Source Arts then organised the first Team Kirkstall River Cleanup, with around 65 people removing over 8 tonnes of waste from the river and banks and having a lot of fun whilst at it. This first cleanup was so successful that Open Source Arts developed the initiative into the Team Kirkstall River Cleanups Project, which continue to this day every fortnight!

Between May 2016 to Dec 2018, we delivered over 80 river clean-up days on the river Aire through our Team Kirkstall River Clean-up project, the Keighley Action Team Project and the Bingley Action Team Project.

The amazing effort of the brilliant volunteers clean up vast swathes of the river and canal from first flood debris, and general rubbish (including plenty of shopping trolleys!).

Find the Kirkstall Riverside Cleanup (Team Kirkstall) community on Facebook and join us one Saturday! Facebook

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