Open Source Arts passionately supports the local independent dance scene. Holistic practice is at the core of how we want to develop Open Source Arts and it feels great to be able to experiment with some sessions of complementary practice for movers specifically to begin to give depth, strength and balance to our developing programme.

Following on from our Dance Design Dinner in December 2018, we have listened to your requests and are embarking on a process of experimenting with different ways of using our space. Not only are we looking to support the creative community of dancers who come here, but also find what will work to compliment the professional dance training offers already available in Leeds.

We have hosted a variety of dance related sessions in different formats, and are continually evolving the process. Listening to your feedback, we have introduced a slightly different structure of the dance classes and brand new complementary sessions, including Pilates and Dietetics. Info for these classes can be found in the programme below. Join us in summer 2019 for the next dance design dinner and have your say on our developing programme!

Shelly Ohene-Nyako: 9th August

Shelly Ohene-Nyako: 9th August

Dance Teacher

We are over the moon to have Shelly Ohene-Nyako facilitating an additional Dance Open Training session before our well deserved Summer rest ☀️

(more info on this session soon)

Matias Kruger: 19th July, 27th July, 2nd August

Matias Kruger: 19th July, 27th July, 2nd August

Dance Teacher

::: Towards an expressive body :::

This class aims to stimulate the imagination and push the body to new and expressive movement pathways. We will use dynamic exercises to work on our strength and mobility. Through improvisation, applying different movement textures, dissociation, soft acrobatics and ways of using the floor we will finally try to find more expressivity in our movements.

Matias says: “I have been trained in aerial acrobatics, physical theatre and contemporary dance. In my own practice, I try to find a symbiosis between these disciplines in search of a highly expressive body and unique movement language.”

Past activities:

Elspeth Mckeever – 3 week pro-class

Alison Grace – 1 week pro-class

Jen Wren – 1 week pro-class

Rachel Dean – 3 week improvisation research group

Thomas Mckeon – 1 week pro-class

Katy Hewison – 1 week pro-class

Lauren Trim – 1 week pro-class

Sophie Hutchinson – 1 week pro-class

Imogen Reeve – 1 week Pro-Class

Marie Koehl – 1 week Pro-class

Daisy Howell – 1 week Pro-Class

Charlotte Arnold – 1 week Pro-Class

Inari Hulkkonen – 3 Week Pro-Lab

Sarah Maria Cook – 2 Week Pilates for Dancers

Paul Guenot – 1 Week Pro-Class

Tora Hed – 3 Week Pro-Lab

Sophie Hutchinson: 2 Week Yoga for Dancers

Rachel and Daliah: 1 Week Pro-Class

Anna Cabre-Verdiell Bosch – 3 Week Pro-Lab

João Maio – 1 week Pro-Class

Dance Design Brunch:

This session is the conclusion of our months of research into what formats work for dancers in Leeds and you are invited to join our next Dance Design Brunch, so we can review and learn before planing our season.

More details to follow.

Dance Open Training 2018 Feedback

Dance Open Training has been an essential space for experimentation, gaining experience in teaching, finding support in the local dance community and learning from each other.

Dance Open Training has created a stronger sense of community between dance artists in Leeds. I’ve felt supported in my own practice and thoroughly enjoyed experiencing other artists sessions – learning and developing in a natural and easy way in a relaxed space has been really wonderful!

I’m new to the organisation but I enjoyed the close knit, friendly atmosphere/ community. Opportunity to experience dance again after several months/ learn different to my stereotypical style.