Just to fill you in a little incase you don’t know, an Art SOUP is a democratic micro-granting experiment where three local artists deliver a pitch for a project or concept they’re developing, and the audience who attend choose one of them to receive a pot of funding that they have created with ticket sales. We started our exploration into democratic micro-granting in January as we adopted the Detroit soup model and tailored it for an arts context

A £5-£10 ticket into one of our Art SOUP events will buy you a soup, and a vote! The SOUP doesn’t just open a new source of funding for artists, it gives our community the power to choose where their money goes. EAT! VOTE! FUND!

On the night, creative ideas and soup were flowing around the space nicely and we were really heartened to see how many of you turned out to support your creative communities! We’re overjoyed to announce Lottie Loverage won the £150 grant that YOU created with ticket sales!

Lottie will use the funding to get ‘Bucket Head’ live performance art off the ground and buy herself a projector to develop the work. Lottie’s poignant new work opens up a conversation about eating disorders, which really resonated with the audience on the night and we’re looking forward to following her journey with it! Thanks again to all of our artists, Found Fiction and Poppy Avison-Fell for your amazing pitches – we wish you the best of luck with your projects. Poppy actually has an upcoming series of workshops here at OSA which you can learn more about here.

Stay tuned on our website all social channels for updates on Lottie’s journey with ‘Bucket Head’ and many more Art SOUP’s in the future at OSA, including information on how to apply for the next one!