Creative Stewardship Solutions

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Open Source Arts is using a creative approach to create opportunities for people to get involved in making a positive impact on their wild places – developing Creative Stewardship Solutions to the management of our neglected green and blue habitats.

We work with communities to empower local people to get active and develop the ability to independently become guardians of the wild habitats near where they live.

We work with landowners to develop creative solutions helping people fulfil their riparian responsibilities – working in partnership with landowners to create strategies for managing flood risk on their property and managing invasive weeds which damage infrastructure, impact upon the value of their assets, and reduce bio-diversity – please contact us to talk more.

We are working in partnership with The Aire Rivers Trust to empower communities in Bingley and Keighley with the practical experience, skills, training and equipment to safely and autonomously become stewards of their wild places – helping create a movement of local activists who are committed to improving bio-diversity,