System Design

At the beginning of Covid-19 lockdown, Open Source Arts worked closely with Kirklees Council.

We helped design and implement a new system which facilitated the requests of help for people who needed support during this time with the offers to help others. This system helped the Council support residents and volunteers who were spontaneously organising, rather than seeking to replace or control them.


Supporting the Community

People in communities were given the opportunity to directly talk with Council Officers, and through this process learnt how they can support them and vice versa. This created a culture of listening to and working well together, as a collaborative team.


Working together and building trust

‘I feel that the council and the community are working effectively together and playing to our strengths. I have really began to trust the Council and feel that Mutual Aid Groups and the Council really are working as a team. I feel really valued and that we have managed to build up a trusting relationship, that has helped to develop a genuine sense of community, collaboration and teamwork. We have developed a better relationship with Kirklees Council.’  


Constructive online meetings

By facilitating excellent, constructive online meetings Open Source Arts helped Kirklees listen deeply to residents and begin moving deliberately towards a shared future where residents are actively participating in decision making.

These facilitated connections between the Council and the local community saw a better relationship develop between them. Residents realised that the Council has a good grasp of what is needed in communities. More trusting relationships developed as everyone realised that they had a shared purpose and could better work towards this in good relationship.


Clarity and action

‘Thank you for the independence and clarity you brought and stepping into chaotic spaces and holding them really well. You bought the focus clearly down to tangible, concrete action which really made a difference to people really quickly. You helped us all respond quickly to the emergency without lowering standards or compromising on the focus on building community and strengthening the place based working approach.’


Explore Further

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