Dear Friends, collaborators, onlookers and everybody, 

We would like to deeply apologise for everything which we have not already done to make our organisation more inclusive, more equitable and more diverse and for not being better allies to our black friends and neighbours. We stand in solidarity with the protestors for Black Lives Matter and all people of colour who suffer injustice.  We know we can always do more.

We abhor the deaths of all Black people who have died because of police brutality and we are committed to remembering the loss of innocent black lives.  We will channel our outrage into decisive action to change the future.  We are committed to doing everything we can to ensure that societal and systemic racism no longer has any place in our community, our organisation or the world.

We know there is more we could have already accomplished, and are sorry to reflect that we have not done more already.  We commit to deepening our outward solidarity and to unlearning our own racism, moving towards a truly inclusive, equitable future.

We have taken time in recent weeks to meet as an all white team and have begun to clarify actions which we can take to ensure we are more anti-racist and that we are challenging systemic racism within our organisation.  These will be added to as we continue to learn and listen, and currently include: 

  • All team members at Open Source Arts now have paid time per week to read, educate themselves and learn.
  • We are meeting weekly to discuss our learning, see our blind spots and challenge each other.
  • We are reviewing our policies, processes and recruitment practices through this lens.
  • We are advocating as an organisation and using our status within the cultural sector to influence our partners and other organisations to encourage them to unlearn their racism and challenge systemic racism in their organisations.  This includes a series of conversations which we are hosting for our partner organisations and peers in the cultural sector, which will be weekly for the foreseeable future.  Please join these if you are able.  Please email if your organisation would like information about these sessions.
  • We will keep our hearts open to any opportunities which emerge for us to become more truly anti-racist and challenge systemic racism in our organisation and in ourselves as a team.  Please be in touch with us if you see any opportunities for how we can do this better.

We understand that unlearning racism and systemic privilege is a journey which we will be on for the rest of our lives and our existence as an organisation, however we would like to clearly state that we are committed to this journey and will continue to learn and develop so that we can become truly equitable and anti-racist.  

We want to make clear our commitment to include people from all backgrounds and communities in our lives, our work and our projects, making available to everybody equal opportunities and warm welcomes into every aspect of what we do as Open Source Arts.  

Thank you for being with us on this journey. As ever, we are deeply humbled and grateful for your company and the wisdom which you offer us as we learn, grow and develop. 

With humility and gratitude, 

Open Source Arts.