Support each other

Kirkstall Valley Grants supports projects that build community and collaboration while benefiting the local environment and the climate.

During this pandemic, it is still possible to continue supporting and being active citizens in our communities. We just need to be slightly more creative about how to do so within the current guidelines!

So we are inviting those who have an interest in developing community and who care about their area, their neighbours and the environment to join our Facebook group “Kirkstall Valley Connections”.

These Kirkstall Valley Grants have enabled brilliant innovative ideas from people who live and work across the Kirkstall Valley including projects creating vegetable beds, hedgehog houses and upcycling furniture.


Build community

These projects have been wonderful ways to connect with neighbours and others in your locality, sharing, learning, and making good things happen together.

Let’s build that sense of community that has been growing with the Kirkstall Valley Grants. Let’s keep supporting each other to make connections and positive changes in our locality.


Share your knowledge

Everyone is invited to join the online group, introduce yourself, and let us know what matters to you right now. We’re especially interested to hear from those who are thinking about applying for a project that would work even in the age of physical distancing. This group will have people who received the award in previous years, and others who can help you find the answers to your questions and give you the confidence you need in shaping your idea.

We’re also really keen to find people who can share their local knowledge, wisdom and ideas to help shape these project. You will be a valuable part of shaping these projects – we all have things to share with each other.


Apply for an award

Kirkstall Valley Grants has an ongoing rolling closing date. This gives you time to gather your thoughts and ideas, and awards are made regularly. Speak to us and others in the Facebook Group with your friends, family and neighbours, before submitting your idea. You can help make your community and neighbourhood a better place for people and the climate!


Join us

Join the Facebook group “Kirkstall Valley Connections”.