Recently, we were approached by a community campaign in West Yorkshire and Harrogate called ‘Looking out for our Neighbours’ to share our neighbourly stories. You can read our stories here! The campaign highlights the important part neighbours play in boosting our wellbeing and building community. Here at Open Source Arts, neighbours matter and we are so grateful for some wonderful neighbours in Kirkstall. Our own values mirror that of the campaign as they are centred around working together to make the place we live better for everybody!

This is an example of practical action towards healthier, more resilient citizens, neighbourhoods and sustainable futures. Taking time to say hello to a neighbour and find out how they are helps make the area we live and work a friendlier, happier place. Supporting each other in this way helps to raise us all up together. Looking out for each other, helping out, and sharing resources is more economical whilst also helping to care for the environment. It makes the area safer, more resilient, and it also makes it a much nicer place to be!

Pictured above is just one of our Wednesday staff meals which we often open out to guests and neighbours! It’s a really important time for us to come together, touch base and share what’s happening in our lives, both work and personal, over some good hearty grub…We’ll share more about this practice that we have called the ‘Round Table’ in another post very soon… In the meantime, check in with your neighbours and friends!